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Beverly Statistics

Popluation: 39,862

Households: 15,650

Families: 9,906

Median Age: 38

Per Capita Income (Household): $28,626

Per Capita Income (Family): $66,486

Total Area: 22.7 sq. miles

Total Land Area: 16.6 sq. miles

About Beverly, MA

A Brief History of Beverly

Beverly, Massachusetts is a city with a population of 39,862, located 18 miles north of Boston on the beautiful North Shore area of the Bay State.

Beverly was first settled in 1626. Beverly became a town in 1668 and a city in 1894. In 1775, the Hannah, an armed schooner and the first ship ever commissioned in the United States Navy (then known as the Continental Navy), set sail from Beverly Harbor. Soon thereafter, the Continental Navy ships Hancock and Franklin followed suit. Many people consider Beverly the birthplace of the United States Navy as a result.

US President William H. Taft often spent summers vacationing in Beverly. For many years, Beverly was a very industrial city. This was embodied by the United Shoe Machinery Corporation which established a large manufacturing complex in Beverly in 1902. Beverly has become more residential in recent years.

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